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The other morning, I was sitting at my computer and my horoscope came on the radio. It said, “Pack your bags, Aries. A move is in your future. The world is yours!” If that isn’t a good omen, I don’t know what is. This was Wednesday morning, after another not-so-hot weekend titled ‘Return of the Stomach Virus’ and subtitled: ‘The Expensive, Coughing Cat.”

The stomach virus I could deal with- I was less pleased with my frantic middle of the night trip to the emergency vet with my sickly, wheezing cat. Luckily, my other cat woke me up (I’m not sure whether it was to alert me to Eartha’s distress or to be fed, but I’ve taken to calling her ‘Lassie’) and I immediately knew there was a problem when Eartha didn’t come out for food.

I rushed her to the emergency vet where they gave her steroid injections and put her in an oxygen cage (to which one of my friends commented, ‘Dude. You have a bubble cat?’) Long story short, she’s fine now and I’m 528.00 poorer. Yay.

So, after a stellar weekend like this, I wasn’t especially expecting any great news on the condo front- but, lo and behold, I am actually working with a bank that does the job they promise to do. The guy told me he could get me a closing in two weeks and, incredibly, he did the job I hired him to do and held to his word. I wish I knew to go to them in the first place.

I got a call on Friday to schedule my closing for this Wednesday morning- wahoo! I’ve already done the walk-through, and the mover called me yesterday and said that he could do the move on Wednesday too. That is truthfully freaking me out a little bit, but luckily I will have a friend at the apartment to supervise the movers while I am at the closing table. I can’t believe that I was waiting for so long and now, all of a sudden, everything is happening at once. It’s a little overwhelming but super exciting too. And it’s also cool that I will be able to go to sleep in my new home on the first day that I actually own it!

Here are a few teaser pics from the walk through. Soon it will be all Michele.

This is the front door and window. Yay! Picture  a rocking chair and a hanging plant in the window.

I’m actually fond of the 1970’s style Three’s Company wood accent wall in the living room.


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Well, my last post was on May 22nd and I regret to inform you that I have still not closed on the condo. It is now June 5th and I am still living out of bins in my hot, stuffy apartment. I actually had to open two boxes of shoes to find the appropriate pair  for a wedding I went to last weekend.

Basically what has happened is this: the bank that was secured for the loan by my mortgage broker former mortgage broker informed them at the last minute (and when I say last minute, I mean all we were waiting on was the clear to close. Everything was done.) that they wouldn’t do a Fannie Mae loan in my condo complex. Not really sure why… something to do with the sixth phase not being complete and the developer owning too much of it. According to the broker, the bank should have notified them of this sometime in mid-April when documents were sent, but apparently someone dropped the ball at the bank and didn’t look at the important info until much too late.

Now, I don’t know if this bank only does Fannie Mae loans or what, but I had to start over completely.

On the day that I got this news, I happened to be home sick with a stomach virus (when it rains, it pours- but at least I was home to answer/make the million phone calls I suddenly had to deal with.) People were throwing names at me left and right for someone who could do this stupid loan. I basically went with the first person who got back to me, and he even met with me on Memorial day to get all of my information (the stuff you give them at the beginning- W2 forms, pay stubs, bank statements…)

He seemed confident that he could close the condo in less than 25 days, which is really important because if I don’t close by the end of June, I lose the 8,000 Obama tax credit. And if that happens, I will need to be sedated.

The only thing that sucks is that they had to order a whole new appraisal, even though I handed him a perfectly good one. Apparently, they can’t accept another bank’s appraisal- probably another rule that got cooked up as a result of bad former practices that resulted in too many defaulted loans. Once again, I get to pay for the mistakes of others. Awesome.

So… I got to write another 400 dollar check for an appraisal and wait a week. The next thing I am expecting to happen is that they will call to tell me it appraised lower than the agreed price and I will not get any seller’s concession. Supposedly the appraisal will be in by Monday. Beyond that, I was told that this new mortgage guy was working on all the condo documents (that apparently caused the trouble with the last bank) but everything else we had to wait for the first time is already done. So maybe I will finally hear some good news this week. I’ll believe it when I see it!

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