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It’s 10:30 in the morning and I’ve had my coffee and breakfast sandwich. I knit a few rows on the afghan and have been flipping between reality tv on Bravo and the third hour of Today with Hoda and Kathie Lee. It’s dreary and raining outside and I know it’s going to be a challenge forcing myself to shower and do anything today. I really have to get to that darn gym.

Normally today would be the type of day for making a big old pot of soup, but I actually have the stuff to make lasagna, which I bought yesterday before I knew the girls wouldn’t make it for dinner. Coincidentally, they arrived after dinner time, but neither had eaten- so it was a good thing I had those tasty ravioli leftovers. The brownies also turned out well. They were a little cakier than I hoped, and I think they needed a little more chocolate flavor (the recipe only called for 6 ounces of chocolate) but the peanut butter made up for it. Maybe next time I’ll add some chocolate chips to the batter to make them a little more chocolaty.

I bought the ‘no boil’ noodles for the lasagna, so we’ll see how that turns out. I should probably get started on that now so I don’t have to do it later. I need to accomplish something or this is going to turn into one of those ‘lost’ days, when you blink and suddenly it’s 6:00 and you’re still in your pajamas. It’s days like today that make me kind of wish I had a fireplace. I do have a fake one on the Wii… but somehow it doesn’t quite cut it. Alright. Time to get my lasagna on.


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I’m not sure where this day went, but a lot of it was spent in front of the TV, where I watched an entire season of Dexter and did some knitting on the Log Cabin afghan:

I did manage to do some laundry but that’s it as far as being productive goes. My kitchen is actually messier than it was two days ago and I didn’t even bake anything (though I’m certain I still managed to consume an inappropriate amount of calories.) I have also managed to fill several garbage cans with tissues- as my ‘tired, icky feeling’ has settled into a full-blown head cold. Definitely not pretty. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t bake- I like to share my creations, but I wouldn’t want to share the germs.

So here I am, it’s almost time for bed and all I have to show for the day is some clean laundry. Oh well. I guess it could be worse. If I had gone to work, the laundry wouldn’t even be done.

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I had a delightfully frivolous day because I have been certain all day that we will not be going into school tomorrow either. I started off by making that lemon curd I was talking about. And while I’m sure it could probably be done with less egg yolks (8 egg yolks plus 2 whole eggs!) I feel that I should retract what I said about Martha’s recipe being too eggy. In all fairness, when I made it last time I was trying to make a grapefruit curd and I think that the grapefruit juice wasn’t acidic enough to mask the eggy-ness. Though in my defense, the only reason I tried to ‘mix it up’ was because Martha stated that you could use other citrus juices to do a curd. I’m sure it’s possible, but I would definitely cut down on the egg yolks. The only reason I decided to make it today was because I had six egg yolks already separated from making the meringue.

I did intend to tidy up my guest room- really, I did- (it really isn’t that messy) but instead got sidetracked by the large random collection of yarn I have hanging around. I haven’t tackled any kind of major knitting project in a very long time and I really wanted to find a ‘stash buster’ of sorts to get rid of all of this mismatched acrylic yarn. At first I thought about making sampler squares for an afghan, but what I settled on was a log cabin afghan. Basically, it starts with a rectangle in the middle, then you cast off all but one stitch, turn it and pick up stitches along the side and then knit on that side. You keep binding off and picking up and it forms alternating strips like this:

(the pink and purple area in the middle is the center.) You can do smaller squares and piece them together so they look like a kind of geometric granny square afghan, or you can just keep going around and around, which is what I think I’m going to do. I ordered an extra long circular needle because I’m going to run out of room on these rather quickly. I guess for really large knit afghans the only way to do it is to piece together.

A lot of people find log cabin knitting to be boring, but I like that I don’t have to use a pattern and there is still a little variety because I have to change colors a lot. Speaking of the colors, it’s going to be interesting- I have such an odd collection of leftover yarn, as you can already see.

The blue is from an afghan I crocheted back in college (well, that’s when I started it- I didn’t finish it until almost 8 years later.) It was actually my first real crochet project  and I turned to my paternal grandmother for help (both of my grandmothers were extraordinary crafters… I wish I could have learned more from them) I chose a granny square pattern for this afghan that had six colors (I didn’t know then about the joy of weaving in loose ends) and when I showed it to Mom-Mom she asked me if I was sure I wanted to do something that complicated. I figured, ‘Go big or go home,’ so I picked out the six snazziest colors of Red Heart acrylic yarn and got to work. By the time I finished it, the colors weren’t really my style any more, but damned if I wasn’t going to display it proudly. Here is the finished product, hanging on a quilt rack.

Anyway, back to my log cabin. The variegated yarn to the right of of the center rectangle is another Red Heart special… I believe the color was called ‘Monet’ and I used it to make another crocheted blanket that I gave as a gift. Not my best work, but I hadn’t done much at that point. I guess I had a lot of this stuff left over because I also recall making my first successful knit swatch out of this yarn, and I think it also may have been on a snow day. By the time I decided I wanted to learn how to knit, both of my grandmothers had passed away and I had no choice but to learn from books and the internet, which I did- after much swearing and frustration.

The pink and purple variegated yarn was part of a gift I received years ago, and I’m not sure where the green came from. Maybe I made a hat out of it? The strip of brown at the bottom is from a big bag of- you guessed it- acrylic yarn I inherited from my Mom-Mom along with some hilarious pattern books from the 70s. One day I would like to try to knit up something from one of them.

So, that was my main project of the day. The only other thing I did today was make myself some dinner. I would have just reheated some leftover soup, but the nonstick pans I ordered from QVC came unexpectedly early and I wanted to try and sauté something. I actually sort of wanted to throw some caramels into the pan and see if it wiped clean as easily as it did on TV. Ha. Instead, I opted to cook up some chicken sausage, tomatoes and roasted red peppers. I also threw in a little leftover Don Pepino (the world’s best pizza sauce in a can) a few capers and some fresh mozzarella cheese. I cooked a little pasta and enjoyed a nice dinner, none of which stuck to the pan. Well, it’s now 8:45 so I suppose I’ll go knit a little more… or maybe read… or wait for the automated phone call that will hopefully come tonight and not at 5:00 tomorrow morning.

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