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My week of February break is quickly drawing to a close, and when I think about what I’m going back to next week it gives me a little bit of the agita. It’s basically full speed ahead until the end of the year… which I guess is a good thing, because it will be July before I know it and I’ll be neglecting the blog again in favor of sitting by the pool.

Today really felt like a vacation day, because everything I did was fun. I started out by meeting friends for what was initially supposed to be brunch (though I don’t know where we were going to find brunch on a Thursday other than a diner, and even then it wouldn’t involve mimosas and bloody marys) and ended up being lunch at a local Mexican place. I went with some of my friends from work and it is always so nice to get a chance to hang out with them totally outside of school. Everyone is so much more relaxed. So anyway, we had a very nice time. I didn’t have to be home right away, so my friend D—– was going to get a manicure afterwards and invited me to come along. That sounded like a good idea to me, as the last time I had a manicure was some time back in October. We actually ran into another friend at the nail place who had the same idea. So at this point of the day: Lunch, check. Pretty nails, check. The only other thing I really needed to do (besides finally show my face at my new gym… which I still haven’t done. Tomorrow, I promise!) was to deposit a couple of checks at the credit union. D—– had to go too, so we drove over together.

Now, next door to the credit union is this Chinese massage place (no jokes, please) that D—– had been to once before on the recommendation of another colleague. Apparently, other than the pressure point/chi-related massage, they are also the place to go for sport massage. I wasn’t initially going to go in, but my neck and upper back have been bothering me for the past couple days and I’m in between chiropractor appointments, so I decided to go in. I opted for the 30 minute massage since I just wanted him to focus on my back. Now, I’ve had traditional Swedish massages before and I always was under the impression that I could handle a lot of pressure. Ha. In walks this tiny little man, and at first he is barely touching my back. So I’m thinking, “Oh, great. This is totally a waste of money.” Suddenly he started yanking on my limbs and twisting them around. Then he proceeded to go to work on my neck so intensely that my eyes were starting to water. It was definitely not a relaxing experience. Luckily the ‘extreme torture’ portion of the massage didn’t last too long, and the rest of it was pretty tolerable. He did, of course, notice that my left side was much worse and so I mentioned that I play the violin. He kind of chuckled and went, “Ahhhh…” and I think that’s when he decided I needed the extra painful massage.

I have to say, though… my neck and back do both feel better, so maybe there is something to his methods. D—– didn’t seem to have any problems with her masseuse. She had a nice, relaxing experience.

Since it’s Thursday, it’s Grey’s Anatomy night. Last week we ended up not getting together, so it was still my turn tonight to host. Normally I don’t get home until 6:30 at the earliest, so I was looking forward to being able to actually make some food for myself and the girls rather than ordering Chinese food. Well, it so happens that both friends won’t be able to come over until almost 9- so no need to make dinner. Rats. I did have a request for a baked good, preferably involving chocolate and/or peanut butter, so I found a recipe in the Martha Stewart Cookies book for chocolate peanut butter swirl brownies. I’ve never made them before so I’ll let you know what the consensus is after we’ve eaten them. They look pretty good, though:

For my dinner, I had a package of fresh ravioli from Trader Joe’s made with Parmigiano and arugula. I had leftover mushrooms and fresh spinach, so I sauteed those with a little bit of garlic and olive oil, salt, pepper and red pepper flake. Oh, I also used a little white wine. At the very end I threw in some fresh basil and chopped fresh mozzarella. I tossed in the ravioli and sprinkled with a little bit of Romano cheese.

It was super yummy, and I’m glad to have leftovers.

When the girls get here I’ll cut up the brownies. I also have some of my favorite cheap champagne chilling and some fresh strawberries left over from fondue night.


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