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Today I had the pleasure of bringing Eartha back to the vet for her extractions. She had two teeth in bad shape and the vet suggested making the appointment right away, so being the dutiful cat mommy I set up the appointment. I knew I was going to be in trouble when I had to take away her food and water at 9 pm last night. Eartha gets in trouble on normal nights when she just wants fresh food… let alone being deprived for half of a day. I fed them yesterday evening and she was taking her time picking at the food, so when I took it away at 9, I don’t think she had eaten very much. I prepped myself for the impending wrath by closing the bathroom doors (the night before I awoke to a crash when she knocked the magazine rack off of the toilet tank) and the the bedroom doors. When I came downstairs this morning, she had knocked all of the books off of the coffee table, but luckily the glass candle holders were still intact.

I dropped her off before 8:30 this morning, and she protested vocally in the car, but it was nothing compared to what I would hear when I picked her up. It’s been a while since Eartha behaved really badly at the vet- maybe it’s just been a while since she’s been there so I forgot how bad she gets. When I arrived back at the vet, the first thing the receptionist said to me when I identified myself was, “She’s really pissed off. Is she good for you? Because the tech is afraid to take her out of the ‘recovery cage’. Maybe you should come back and try to get her into her carrier.”

Okay. So I paid the almost 500 dollar bill and went to the back. Apparently, every time someone walked by Eartha’s cage she would screech ferociously at them and lunge forward while punching her paws through the cage in an attempt to make contact with her ‘enemies.’ They tried to quiet her down so she wouldn’t totally freak out all of the other animals by covering the front of her cage with a towel. Well, as soon as I came back and they removed the towel, I got screamed at. By the cat, that is. This was not one of those scenes where Eartha is ill-behaved and then I show up and she is all purrs and sweetness. No, she wanted to attack me just as much as she wanted to attack everyone else. The noises coming out of her were so ridiculous that the tech and I just stood there for a minute in disbelief, almost laughing.

Since my presence didn’t seem to help the situation, the tech finally took a deep breath and said, “I’m going in.” She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around the shrieking cat and deposited her into her carrier, with nary a scratch. After this whole ordeal was over and Eartha was calming down on the car ride home, I was trying to describe this whole experience over the phone. Any impersonations I attempted simply did not do her vocalizations justice. So, when I got home I went on youtube and found this:

And there you have it. That is exactly what Eartha sounded like, except she was being way more violent by lunging at us and trying to beat her way through the cage. I find it amusing that an asthmatic cat with respiratory problems has the lung capacity to create such impressive noise. I noticed when I found the youtube video that there are a lot of comments on it from concerned people who think the cat must have been abused, but clearly they don’t have a cat like Eartha. When I got her home, I let her out of the carrier and she attempted to scurry away, but I guess she was still a little drugged and had trouble staying upright. Great. So now I had a drunk, angry, hungry cat. I put down some wet food for her and she attacked it like a competitive eater. She kept going back and forth between the wet food and dry food like she couldn’t decide what she wanted more. I’m amazed that she didn’t barf it up. Around dinner time I squirted the pain meds into her mouth and she has been pretty quiet ever since. Hopefully she will be back to her old self tomorrow.

Oh, I also made a SLAMMIN’ birthday cake tonight for one of my friends at school tomorrow- but I’ll wait to post about it until tomorrow when I can take pictures of it in natural light. Until then, goodnight!


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