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Whew, what a couple of weeks it has been. The last time I posted was around Eartha’s dental adventure, and she has recovered nicely. I would even venture to say that she has become a little more tolerable in general after her extractions. Maybe those teeth were really bothering her and that is why she was always so surly. Though, who am I kidding? She’s still Eartha.

First, I’ll post pictures of that birthday cake I thoughtlessly bragged about and then never showed you:

I decided to use the William Sonoma specialty pans Mom gave me for Christmas. I’ve used them a couple times since I got them and it was sort of a trial and error process.

The first time I tried to use them, I followed the directions religiously and used the recipe that came with the pan, which called for lots of expensive ingredients like chocolate and whatnot. I don’t know what I did wrong… maybe I didn’t grease the pans well enough, and in retrospect I don’t think I had gotten my little oven thermometer yet so I wasn’t aware that my oven was not preheating as fast as I thought it was, and the cakes were probably a little underdone. Anyway, regardless of that, the recipe was definitely more of a brownie recipe than a cake recipe and it didn’t want to come out of the pans- so I was forced to turn the mess into cake balls. I had already made the buttercream frosting too, so I just mixed it all together and put it in the fridge to deal with later. There was definitely more frosting than I would have normally used for cake balls, and between the cakes and the frosting there was something ridiculous like four sticks of butter involved.

Well, when I took it out of the fridge the next morning to try and salvage it, it had cooled into a giant fudgy rock. I nearly gave myself blisters scooping out spoonfuls. It resulted in what I dubbed ‘Brownie truffle balls’. I didn’t think it was possible to make something richer than a cake ball, but there you have it.

The second time I used my William Sonoma pans, I just used a cake mix. It was exactly the right amount of batter, and the cakes popped out of the pans perfectly. Go figure. I just put vanilla frosting in the middle and decorated the top with some chocolate frosting and cocoa powder.

This time when I used the pans, I decided to get a little creative. I still used a cake mix, but I covered each cake in chocolate ganache, and mixed the frosting with crushed Oreo cookies. I probably could have used less Oreos, as it made the filling super thick, but no one seemed to mind. Then I just piped plain frosting around the edges to really make it look like an Oreo cookie and personalized the top.

Okay, I feel better now that I have documented the cake. The reason why I haven’t posted in a while is because I have been smack in the middle of production week for the my school’s Drama Club production, which I have the overwhelming task of directing. Overwhelming, you say? But I thought you teach fourth and fifth graders? It must be so cute. Ha ha ha. Our spring musical has evolved into this behemoth with a cast of over ninety kids, and we rehearse for four months. So, it pretty much takes over my life, especially towards the end.

Last year, we did Annie Junior– so I wanted to choose a show with more parts for boys, which led me to choose Guys and Dolls Junior. I will leave out all of the gory details, but let me say that I now have a few more grey hairs and all have names which commemorate certain cast members. At the beginning of the week I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull it all together, but as such things always do, we ended up with a nice school performance yesterday. Two more shows this weekend and I can get on with my life.

Some of the more memorable moments onstage yesterday included a kid manifesting his stage fright in an urgent need to pee during the opening number- he ran offstage and I prayed to the theater gods that he would return in time for his next line moments later. He did. Another kid got stuck backstage behind a group of crapshooters and missed his entrance because he was too meek to push his way through. Not to worry, he made up for it later by coming out way too early for another entrance, stopping in his tracks and slowly backing up until he was offstage. My favorite moment though, was during the Havana scene, where I noticed an unopened pack of fruit snacks on the stage by Sarah and Sky’s feet. Apparently someone was hoarding fruit snacks in their suit pockets backstage and we kept finding mysterious fruit snack trails everywhere, a la Hansel and Gretel.

All right. I have sat in front of the computer long enough. I have too much to get done today, and I would really like the day to include a trip to the gym. Would you believe I still haven’t gone?


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